Corporate Social Responsibility










Your Company is socially responsible and committed to conduct its business ethically and with responsibility. The Company is conscious of the role to play as responsible corporate citizen in fulfilling the various needs of the society concerning health, safety, environment, employee relationship and social welfare of the society. The Company considers itself accountable to its stakeholders and has identified dimensions of performing the social responsibilities which are contribution to economy, environment and society. The management peruses the strategy by following strategic guidelines to be a good corporate citizen:

    • Encouraging employment of work force living in the rural areas in order to yield significant gain and uplift their living standard.
    • Continuously striving to improve greenery, maintain a clean environment around the factory and better housekeeping.
    • Making arrangement for civic, health, education and accommodation facilities to employees.
    • Support social causes.

On the corporate social responsibility front, the Company has launched education program and accordingly providing education facilities at premises adjacent to employees colony at the factory in order to provide primary education facilities by qualified staff on concessional fees basis to children of the factory employees and others living nearby in the rural areas in order to alleviate illiteracy and poverty. The Company has always supported other noble causes which help the members of the society.